Understanding Different Types of Massage Modalities

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Understanding Different Types of Massage Modalities Everyone is familiar with the Swedish massage.  It involves a combination of long strokes, localized pressure, and vibrations.   Its goal is overall health and well-being, without focusing on any particular problem or area.  Although it tends to be what people think of when they imagine a massage, there are many other types.

Understanding that different types of massage, not just Swedish massages, can be effective is important.  If you’re going to spend time and money on massage therapy, you need to consider what type of massage is best for you.  A Swedish massage may not address your particular needs. 

In choosing a massage modality (or multiple modalities as part of an overall approach), you should ask yourself why you want a massage.  Do you hope to increase your energy?  Acupressure (not acupuncture, which involves needles) might be for you.  Do you hope to reduce muscle tightness and pain in particular muscles?  A deep tissue massage or myotherapy may be what you need.  Are you just trying to relieve the extra stress on your body caused by pregnancy?  There are specific massage modalities which address the aches and pains caused by pregnancy.

There are nearly as many different massage modalities as there are bodily ailments.  It is important to find a masseuse familiar with different modalities.  Understanding that different types of massage, not just Swedish massage, can achieve the results you desire is an important part of improving your overall health through massage. 

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