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Massage Licensing Program

Our massage schools offer the most personalize massage program in Washington State

Schedule Flexibility

We designed our class schedules around your life schedule. Choose between morning, evening, and weekend massage programs.

Class Size

We put you first. We limit the number of students in each massage program to maximize your time, giving you more one on one attention than any other school in the Pacific Northwest.

Practical Sciences

We offer a practical approach to the traditional science based courses. Providing a hands-on learning environment for our students to explore human anatomy and the concepts of movement.

Massage Skills

Our programs focus on the practical skills necessary for accurate injury assessment and therapeutic massage therapy treatments.

Professional Massage Clinic

Throughout your massage program you will work in our professional massage therapy clinic gaining firsthand experience of the massage therapy profession.

Growth And Support

We are here for you! Whether you are a new massage school graduate looking for your first job or veteran massage therapist needing help with your massage practice we will be here to support you along the way.

Additional Licensing Programs

Continuing education courses, Massage therapy clinic and Instructor certification

Continuing Education

Continuing education is a vital component to the career of a licensed massage therapist. These advanced massage related courses allow us to grow as professionals, bodyworkers, and individuals. We offer many courses covering a variety of massage techniques and topics. Check our continuing education calendar frequently for course updates and new classes at each campus location: Seattle, Tacoma and Bellingham.

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Massage Therapy Clinic

Our massage clinics provide high quality massage therapy services to our local communities at an affordable price. While also providing a professional environment and a valuable learning experience to the students within our massage therapy programs. Learn more about each clinic offering, special features and hours of operation at our massage schools located in Seattle, Tacoma and Bellingham.

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Instructor Certification

Are you interested in the educational aspect of massage therapy? Our massage instructor certification program will give you the skills necessary to design, implement and, teach your own continuing education courses. This course also explores methods for teaching massage therapy within a professional licensing program. Enhance your classroom presence and create an optimal educational experience for your students.

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Choose a Career in Massage


As one of the fastest growing healthcare professions, massage therapy offers endless career and lifestyle opportunities. Whether you are wanting to help others, or are looking for the freedom of self-employment a career in massage is rewarding, meaningful, and a valuable investment.

Student Testimonials

Learn what students say about Northwest Academy for the Healing Arts.


West Seattle Campus
“What makes this school special is that they care about the students in a way that can help the students care about clients as a whole person.”


West Seattle Campus
“By the power of touch we are touching people’s lives, touching their hearts, and touching their emotions.”


West Seattle Campus
“The intimate class size and dedication of each instructor to helping each student made the experience amazing."


West Seattle Campus
"One of reasons why I like Northwest Academy is because it is so small, so personal and I know all of my instructors. "

Recent Blog Posts

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Pediatric Massage Therapy for Scoliosis

Scoliosis is a condition that millions of Americans are familiar with. You may have already worked with patients who suffer from pain, discomfort, and stiffness due to scoliosis. This condition is particularly detrimental to children, who may struggle with weak muscles, back pain, and fatigue from long periods of standing upright. Luckily, massage therapy can be used to help treat scoliosis in children. A pediatric massage involves manipulating soft tissues with the aim of relieving tension and improving blood flow to affected regions. When done correctly, the symptoms of scoliosis in children can be significantly reduced.
Travel with a Massage Therapy Career

Massage Therapist: A Career That Travels

When it comes to a massage therapy career, the possibilities are endless. Massage therapists are able to work on cruises, in hospitals, in chiropractic centers, and even in airports. If you are someone who loves to travel, you may be wondering how you can incorporate your massage therapy career, and your love of traveling into one incredible life. As a massage therapist, the world is your oyster. Not only can you help others relax and rehabilitate, you can also enjoy the exciting world of traveling as a massage therapist yourself.