Why You Should Choose Northwest Academy For Your Massage Training

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yoga blog2If you are truly serious about entering into a fulfilling career as a massage therapist, you will need to find a great massage therapy school for your training. Northwest Academy for the Healing Arts is an excellent place to begin that journey and get the best massage training available.

The Advantages of Studying Massage Therapy at Northwest Academy
Whether you are changing careers or just starting out in the world, Northwest Academy is an ideal place to learn massage therapy. Its programs are small and personalized, meaning that you get plenty of direct attention from your instructors and you are never left to feel as if you are simply a number among many students. 

Through the school’s science-based curriculum you will learn about the human body and how to treat it with time-tested massage techniques. The academy puts a great deal of emphasis on externships and community outreach, so you will be getting practical experience and helping people in no time.

Schedules and Payment Options
Furthermore, you will find that the class schedules are incredibly flexible. Even if you have other obligations, it is easy to make massage training at Northwest Academy work for you. 

Worried about being able to pay for your education in massage therapy? Often tuition is a scary topic; however, Northwest Academy has tuition payment options that are affordable and will help you meet your educational goals within your budget.

Recognizing the Importance of Self-Care

Massage therapists focus so much on the health and care of their clients that it is not unusual for them to neglect themselves. The fact is that a massage therapist’s work is physically demanding and can be taxing on their own bodies. That is why Northwest Academy emphasizes the importance of self-care in its massage training. Weekly Yoga, Qigong, and monthly Acupuncture are among the self-care methods that the school has its students utilize to ensure they maintain their own health.

Choosing Northwest Academy for Your Massage Training
Taking all of these advantages into account, you can see why Northwest Academy for the Healing Arts is well loved by its students and very well may be the perfect choice of school for you. Should you choose Northwest Academy you will leave having mastered the best techniques for using massage to treat people in pain, to promote relaxation, and soon you will be on your way to a wonderful career as a massage therapist!

For more information about our massage program visit our program page.