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Massage Therapy in Healthcare

Massage Therapy in Healthcare

Massage-therapy-in-healthcareMassage Therapy: An Effective Complementary Treatment in Healthcare

In recent years, the use of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) in healthcare has increased in popularity. One such practice that has gained significant attention is massage therapy. Massage therapy is a hands-on technique that involves the manipulation of soft tissues in the body to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and alleviate pain. While once considered a luxury, massage therapy is now recognized as a viable complementary treatment in healthcare.

Massage therapy has been shown to have numerous benefits, both physical and psychological. Physically, massage therapy can help improve circulation, reduce muscle tension, and improve joint mobility. It can also aid in the healing process of injuries by increasing the flow of nutrients and oxygen to affected areas. Psychologically, massage therapy has been found to reduce anxiety, depression, and improve overall mood. It can also improve sleep quality and decrease symptoms of PTSD.

Massage therapy has been used as a complementary treatment for various health conditions, including chronic pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis, cancer-related fatigue, and more. In fact, massage therapy has been shown to be as effective as other CAM modalities, such as acupuncture and chiropractic, in treating chronic pain conditions. Additionally, massage therapy has been found to reduce the need for prescription pain medications, which can have harmful side effects.

Massage therapy is also being increasingly used in hospital settings. Studies have shown that massage therapy can help improve patient outcomes by reducing pain and anxiety levels, improving sleep quality, and reducing the length of hospital stays. In addition, massage therapy can provide healthcare professionals with a non-invasive, non-pharmacological treatment option to use in conjunction with other medical interventions.

In conclusion, massage therapy has become a valuable complementary treatment option in healthcare. Its benefits range from physical to psychological, and its use has been found to be effective in treating various health conditions. With the growing body of evidence supporting its use, massage therapy should be considered as a viable treatment option in healthcare settings. If you are experiencing any health concerns, consider talking to a healthcare professional about the benefits of massage therapy for your specific needs.

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Top Ten Reasons People Go Back to School

bigstock-Confident-Male-Student-Holding-72293533There are a hundred and one reasons people choose to go back to school. Some of the reasons gravitate around the harsh economic conditions; others are inclined towards creating a competitive edge over rivals. Other people are motivated
by the desire to be better and more skilled. Below are ten reasons potential massage students and health practitioners are likely to seek more education:

#1. Increase Qualification: since most jobs require prerequisite expertise and specialized skills, practical training and acquiring more knowledge is essential. Some of these qualifications come with a college degree that gives you a better position of securing a job or promotion.

#2. Passion for learning:
you may go back to school out of love for learning. Since some educational disciplines are vast and inexhaustible such as medicine and education, you may decide to expand your knowledge in a certain field in the course. When you learn new things, you get to sharpen and improve your skills.

#3. Enriching life: by deciding to go back to school, you can obtain a new hobby or perfect a skill. When you learn new things that make you happy, you feel satisfied and fulfilled. You can have fun in studying what you love and enrich your purpose in life.

#4. Chasing dreams: if your dream is to learn new things, you won’t feel offended to pursue further studies. It is by getting a quality education, which you can become a successful professional. Dreams in curing people with chronic illnesses or improve their fitness may require you to seek more knowledge.

#5. Career change: lucky individuals may decide to change their career path as time progresses, this may be due to personal or professional reasons. By going back to school, you can change your career direction geography-wise, industry-wise or satisfaction-wise by shifting the experience and skills you have already amerced with new knowledge.

#6. Adventure:
one more good reason you may want to go back to school is that you can explore the globe. You may ask how? This can be by securing admission into an institution of higher education in a different country or continent. While studying, you will get to learn about world cultures, politics and religion. 

#7. Promotion: it is true that getting a promotion can be a hard task. If you would like to move up on your career ladder, going back to school will create a springboard for your professional fulfillment. When you are promoted, you should be prepared to handle more responsibilities.

#8. Return to work: after you’ve been out of work for too long because of either family commitments, health issues or taking care of children, you may feel inadequate to handle the same duties. When you are ready to return to your professional life, you may need to get some additional trainingt to keep yourself up to date.

#9. Complete education: you may have dropped out of school because of financial reasons or to take care of an ailing family member. This may not mean that your opportunity has been lost, you can catch up with your studies, after all, education knows no age limit.

#10. Be a role model: going back to school is one of the ways you can set a good example for aspiring young people, friends and family. By pursuing more studies is an indicator that you are motivated to become successful.


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Student Perspective Of Massage School – Week 2

Weekend Student Jo –

Her perspective and thoughts as she progresses through massage school at Northwest Academy.

ChickenHere Chicken Chicken Chicken…..

Learning about the tissues of the human body from a text book can get a little dry. That’s why our fabulous teacher added a little spice to our lesson today…or rather, added some chicken.

Our teacher walked into the room, asked us gather around the table, and pulled out a plate with a piece of raw chicken on it.

To give us a more vivid idea of the consistency of muscle, fascia, tendons, ligaments and bone, she walked us through the chicken-equivalent of all these tissues. It was very educational, and hysterical. If nothing else, watching her try to dissect a little piece of raw chicken with a butter knife definitely made that lesson stick. The butter knife was all she could find…

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Student Perspective Of Massage School

anatomicanWeekend Student Jo – Her perspective and thoughts as she progresses through massage school at Northwest Academy.

First Day of New Quarter –

As I walked into class today and met the new students joining us this quarter, I was reminded how nervous I was when I walked through that door the first time. Immediately, the students and teachers alike welcomed me into their class with such openness.

Within the first day, it was clear to me that the commitment of the students and teachers to creating a healthy, low stress, and supportive learning environment was unparalleled.

Now, I am so excited to be able to say that I am a part of this school. I get to be one of those people who welcomes new students into the first step of their new career on that first day. What better joy is there than to find not only your calling, but the community that you have been searching for?

10 Ways to Re-purpose Old Lotion Bottles

bigstock-Set-Of-Plastic-Bottles-And-Oth-83288660Lotion bottles come in a large variety of colors, shapes and designs. What do you do with them once they are empty? After you wash them thoroughly here are ten great ways to re-purpose them.


Plant Pots and Make Up or Pencil Cups

Cut the Lotion bottle’s bottom off about four or five inches from the bottom end forming a cup. This can be decorated with decoupage, or painted.

This same design can be used hold make up brushes or eyeliner pencils. It would also be a great way for kids to make a pencil cup as a teacher gift

Phone Charger Holder

This personable phone charger holder enables you to hang your phone around your charger so it is not left on a floor or in an area where you are not able to leave it safely on a table.


Bird feeder

Birds will really enjoy visiting your back yard or patio when you put out these cute lotion bottle bird feeders. Easy to make and decorate these bird feeders will be an eclectic addition to your home.

First remove the pump and tube from the cap on the bottle leaving a hole in the lid. Use string or thin rope to run through the hole and tie a knot under the cap creating a loop to hang over a tree limb or hook.

Second simply cut an oval shaped hole in the front of the bottle approximately two inches from the bottom as an opening for the birds to get to the seeds. Paint, fill with bird seed and hang.

Plastic Mini Purse

These mini purses are adorable and make great gifts. Every little purse will be unique and can even be used as a gift bag for smaller gifts or gift cards.


Over the Sink Sponge Caddy

By cutting the lotion bottle and bending it over your sink this craft will give you a caddy so you never have to search for your soap and sponge again.


Sink Extender

This is a great way to help kids who can’t quite reach the sink yet. It extends the water to where they can wash their hands comfortably.


Water Balloon Pump

This will work with any lotion bottles that have a pump. First be sure the lip of the balloon will fit over the end of the pump. In some pump bottles you may need to cut away part of the pump so the balloon will fit. Thoroughly wash out the bottles and fill with water. Kids can then use the bottle to fill up water balloons.

Plant Label Stakes

The plastic used to make your lotion bottles makes a perfect weatherproof stake to label the plants in your garden. Simply use a sharpie to draw out long rectangle, then cut. Once you have the stake cut out, make one end pointed by cutting into a triangle point. Use sharpie to write the name of plant and then it is ready for the garden or potted plant you would like to label.

Outdoor or Indoor Lighting Covers

Using the tops of lotion bottles as light covers you will give a new look to old holiday lights. These can be used to light up any outdoor party.


Paint Brush Cups

After you are done painting all of your new re-purposed lotion bottles use one to soak your paint brushes in.



Massage School Points to Self Discovery

self-discoveryThe idea of going back to school as a mature adult can be a bit daunting; you have responsibilities that still need to be fulfilled and a life that still needs to be lived.

But one of the nice things about going when you’re older is you know how to work for what you want. Failure isn’t an option, and since you’re not worrying about your ability to be successful, you can simply enjoy the experience, with confidence.

With an education choice like massage school, not only will you be going down a new career path, you will be embarking on journey of self-discovery.

Every massage school curriculum includes basic, core courses, and while you learn, you are also really learning about yourself.

Anatomy is the study of the human body. You will learn not only about muscles, but every single part that makes you up.

Kinesiology is the study of human movement. It is understanding how muscles and tendons and joints need to work in harmony to benefit the body.

Physiology is the study of how the body parts function and how they work in conjunction with one another.

Pathology, the study of disease, is also important. This knowledge will aid the massage therapist in deciding a course of treatment as well as knowing when it is time for other health care practitioners to assume a role in the patient’s overall care.

Nutrition, and the study of nutrients and how the body uses those nutrients, is an extremely useful and important course. So much of the things called food today really aren’t. The soil is depleted; fruits and vegetables are grown with pesticides and herbicides, and allergies and intolerances are common. Massage therapists are not nutritionists, but a basic understanding of the role nutrition plays in the body is key, for both clients and yourself.

Massage Techniques, of course, is formal instruction on exactly how to use your body effectively to help someone else’s body. It is using your fingers and hands, or even feet or elbows, to provide a therapeutic experience. You’ll also learn how to prevent injury to yourself while practicing massage.

Additionally, you’ll learn things like the history of massage, the ethical practices expected of the profession, and the basic business skills needed to be an independent massage therapist.

Good massage schools will place a high emphasis on taking proper care of yourself. Many healthcare-related professionals have a high level of burnout, but then so does any profession if you aren’t practicing mindful self-care. Take advantage of additional learning experiences that may be offered to you. Many schools provide basic introductions to other alternative therapies, like yoga, foot reflexology, or acupressure.

Learning from other students also aids in self-development. Everyone in life has something to offer. Oftentimes, like-minded individuals enjoy similar lifestyles and hobbies, like gardening or hiking, and enjoy sharing their knowledge and passions.

Choosing to start over and head down a new career path doesn’t have to be filled with anxiety. Like anything in life, viewing it as an adventure and as an investment in you will offer the best chance of success.

How to Make Good Grades in Massage School

students-studyingFor many people the idea of going back to school can be extremely intimidating. School is a vastly different environment than the workforce and it takes a very different mindset. There are a variety of factors that can make the difference between a successful course of study and failure but the number one factor will always be choosing the career path that appeals the most to you. For many that answer lies with a degree or certificate in health and wellness, more specifically in massage therapy. Not only is it a booming career field but it is also a field that offers several options. So is going back to school right for you? Yes but that is just the beginning.

Deciding to go back to school is the easy part. You now have to select the school where you will eventually earn your degree or certificate. When selecting your massage school you will want to select a field of study that appeals the most to you and offers you the most options. You will also want to consider cost and financial aid. The schools should have financial aid counselors to help you but more than that they should also offer counselors to help you understand what the coursework will be so you can plan ahead. After all…you do not want to waste time and money only to fail the courses because you did not apply yourself and you received poor grades. Getting good grades is the key to success. 

The process of getting good grades is basically the same regardless of the course of study. The fundamentals are always going to be: listening skills, note taking, memorization, practice and test taking. Each of these are vital in massage school if you want to make good grades. Good grades mean you will excel and learn valuable skills. Learning valuable skills leads to better paying jobs which leads to a better lifestyle for you and your family. Let’s get started on your fundamentals.

Active listening skills are probably one of the most understated and under utilized skills anyone can ever possess. It is easy to say that you can listen to someone but are you actively listening or are you simply waiting for a chance to respond or, in the case of listening to a lecture, are you waiting for the lecturer to be finished speaking so the class will be over? Active listening involves opening your ears and your mind. It is leaning in and engaging with the speaker and really hearing what he, or she, has to tell you about the subject. When you actively listen then you are naturally going to start taking good notes because you are paying attention. The most effective students start out taking too much notes and learn to whittle them down after they have taken a few tests. This way they know how much they retain from listening alone.

Massage school is more than just listening, note taking, and tests though. It also will involve hands on practice and education. That is where your family and friends come in to play. Get a study group together and recruit volunteers so you can practice the skills you have been taught in your classes. The more you practice the better you will become. Learning how to study and retain information may take time but you can master these skills, and in the course of mastering these habits you will begin getting great grades. Before you know it you will have completed massage school with flying colors and will be a practicing massage therapist.

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Exploring Energy – Is Energy Healing a Type of Massage

energy massageMany people often assume that energy healing and massage therapy are one and the same. However, there is a difference between the two. Energy healing believes that the human energy field extends beyond the body and skin. Energy healing also believes that when the flow of this energy is obstructed or imbalanced, it results in ailments and health problems. So the main aim of energy healing is to restore the balance of the energy field and facilitate healing of the body and mind. It is seen as a natural process of restoring the body, spirit and mind to complete health.

During an energy healing-session, you may not see anything happening unlike massage therapy where you can see the massage therapist actively massaging the body. However, in the energy healing session there are things happening and different people will experience varying effects. Usually, you will experience deep relaxation and it may cause you to fall asleep. The feeling is soothing and warm. You could feel a mild tingling or throbbing sensation, or even feel as though you are floating.


There are different types of energy healing, but they have the same aim – restore the energy field and balance of the body using ancient techniques. These modalities do not diagnose a problem, but believe in balancing the energy of the human body. The theory is that when the energy is in balance, it will automatically eliminate diseases and health issues.

Reiki is perhaps the most well-known energy healing technique. It helps to transfer the energy, known as Qi, into the person’s body to promote healing. There are fixed hand placements, but many times practitioners may use intuition to help them remove the energy blocks. Here the focus is attaining balance between the seven Chakras which can be done by touching the person or keeping the hands a few inches over the body. Breathing techniques are also used to facilitate healing.

Then there is Polarity Therapy that looks to fix blocked or unbalance energy which can occur due to stress or any other life situation. In this therapy, practitioners believe that the health is an indication of the energy field and there are three types of energy fields running through the human body. By removing blocks or restoring balance, it can assist the person to be mentally, emotionally and physically well. Polarity Therapy uses a combination of energy-based healing, exercise, diet and self-awareness to facilitate healing.

Another type of energetic modality is Qigong. Qigong is used to balance and cultivate Qi to promote wellbeing and health. It uses breathing exercises, movement exercises, meditation and self-awareness to facilitate healing and overall physical and emotional health. The goal of Qigong is to master the mind via being aware of the body, emotions and mind. It works towards the removal of negative emotions and thoughts.

8 Reasons Adult Learners Make Great Massage School Students

massage school - adult learnerSome career training can be better undertaken as an adult rather than as a high school graduate, and massage school is a good example of this. Added maturity is often a big plus when it comes to studying massage therapy.

Eight reasons to attend massage school as an adult:

  • Freedom of choice. Adult learners study because they want to. Reasons why high school graduates attend massage school may sometimes be due to the expectations of parents or peers. Adults have a fuller knowledge of what they expect from life and how they intend to achieve those goals.
  • Background knowledge. Mature students bring with them many life experiences, aspirations, and interests. This richness adds greatly to the learning experience.  

  • Networking. While younger students often socialize and attend every event possible, adult learners are not so pressurized to blend in. Lasting friendships and contacts can be built up as a result of this fact.

  • Flexibility. Adult learners may have other work commitments and family responsibilities. Massage school is ideal as it can be undertaken on a full-time or part-time basis and fitted into existing schedules.

  • Maturity. A massage therapist is not only proficient in the hands-on skills of the trade, but is a life coach, an excellent listener, and a good observer. An older person is often more naturally skilled in offering this type of holistic approach.

  • Interest. Adult learners often want to know why they have to study different aspects of massage training, and are not just prepared to learn by rote. This curiosity results in an added depth to their knowledge.

  • Motivation. Going to school as an adult means that other people, such as family members, are involved and will be affected if the student runs up financial debt and then drops out of the massage school course. The drive to succeed in order to be able to support dependents is great.

  • Improvement. Students who achieve mediocre results at school level often excel when they study as adults. This is because they deliberately form new learning habits and ways of doing homework.

Massage therapy is a career that is often undertaken by adult learners who trained in another vocation when they left school. It’s an ideal second career, and anyone interested in attending massage school should contact us at (206) 932-5950 or Click Here to Apply Now!


What is Required to Become a Certified Aromatherapist?

aromatherapy massage schoolCurrently, the field of aromatherapy is an unlicensed and unregistered one in the United States.  There is no expectation that this will change in the near future, but if you are considering aromatherapy as your occupational area of interest, you may wish to obtain accredited certification.  By being certified, you will be able to assure your clients and treatment recipients that you possess up-to-date knowledge on the field’s safety, health-related concerns, and standards of practice.

Receiving certification through the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA) also provides your clients the assurance that you have taken educational classes in aromatherapy and have completed the certification requirements of the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA).  This credential gives your treatment recipients the confidence of knowing that you are an educated and informed practitioner in the field of aromatherapy instead of a fly-by-night snake oil charlatan.

To obtain certification, you would need to find an educational institution or other facility that offers classes in aromatherapy.  You will want to make sure the school is approved by the NAHA so your certification will be officially recognized.  Many schools offer online or distance learning for their curriculum, but attending classes in-person is much more beneficial and rewarding.  Aromatherapy requires knowledge of scents and the ability to manipulate them, so having hands-on experience with your chosen field is infinitely more advantageous than trying to gain skill through online means.

After completing the required coursework, you will typically take a final exam to put your knowledge to the test.  Once you have passed this final exam, you may then register to take the aromatherapy certification test through the NAHA.  There are various levels of certification that have different educational requirements, so make sure your scholastic achievements are compatible with the certification level you are seeking.

Many aromatherapists also hold a license or certification in another field such as massage therapy, nursing, acupuncture, or holistic medicines, and supplement their primary occupation with the benefits of also being a certified aromatherapist.  Whether you want this rewarding field to be your primary occupation or a secondary one, the benefits of being certified are well worth the time and effort spent to obtain your credentials.

For more information regarding Aromatherapy Certification please contact our admissions department at: 206-932-5950 or [email protected]


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