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energy massageMany people often assume that energy healing and massage therapy are one and the same. However, there is a difference between the two. Energy healing believes that the human energy field extends beyond the body and skin. Energy healing also believes that when the flow of this energy is obstructed or imbalanced, it results in ailments and health problems. So the main aim of energy healing is to restore the balance of the energy field and facilitate healing of the body and mind. It is seen as a natural process of restoring the body, spirit and mind to complete health.

During an energy healing-session, you may not see anything happening unlike massage therapy where you can see the massage therapist actively massaging the body. However, in the energy healing session there are things happening and different people will experience varying effects. Usually, you will experience deep relaxation and it may cause you to fall asleep. The feeling is soothing and warm. You could feel a mild tingling or throbbing sensation, or even feel as though you are floating.


There are different types of energy healing, but they have the same aim – restore the energy field and balance of the body using ancient techniques. These modalities do not diagnose a problem, but believe in balancing the energy of the human body. The theory is that when the energy is in balance, it will automatically eliminate diseases and health issues.

Reiki is perhaps the most well-known energy healing technique. It helps to transfer the energy, known as Qi, into the person’s body to promote healing. There are fixed hand placements, but many times practitioners may use intuition to help them remove the energy blocks. Here the focus is attaining balance between the seven Chakras which can be done by touching the person or keeping the hands a few inches over the body. Breathing techniques are also used to facilitate healing.

Then there is Polarity Therapy that looks to fix blocked or unbalance energy which can occur due to stress or any other life situation. In this therapy, practitioners believe that the health is an indication of the energy field and there are three types of energy fields running through the human body. By removing blocks or restoring balance, it can assist the person to be mentally, emotionally and physically well. Polarity Therapy uses a combination of energy-based healing, exercise, diet and self-awareness to facilitate healing.

Another type of energetic modality is Qigong. Qigong is used to balance and cultivate Qi to promote wellbeing and health. It uses breathing exercises, movement exercises, meditation and self-awareness to facilitate healing and overall physical and emotional health. The goal of Qigong is to master the mind via being aware of the body, emotions and mind. It works towards the removal of negative emotions and thoughts.

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