8 Reasons Adult Learners Make Great Massage School Students

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massage school - adult learnerSome career training can be better undertaken as an adult rather than as a high school graduate, and massage school is a good example of this. Added maturity is often a big plus when it comes to studying massage therapy.

Eight reasons to attend massage school as an adult:

  • Freedom of choice. Adult learners study because they want to. Reasons why high school graduates attend massage school may sometimes be due to the expectations of parents or peers. Adults have a fuller knowledge of what they expect from life and how they intend to achieve those goals.
  • Background knowledge. Mature students bring with them many life experiences, aspirations, and interests. This richness adds greatly to the learning experience.  

  • Networking. While younger students often socialize and attend every event possible, adult learners are not so pressurized to blend in. Lasting friendships and contacts can be built up as a result of this fact.

  • Flexibility. Adult learners may have other work commitments and family responsibilities. Massage school is ideal as it can be undertaken on a full-time or part-time basis and fitted into existing schedules.

  • Maturity. A massage therapist is not only proficient in the hands-on skills of the trade, but is a life coach, an excellent listener, and a good observer. An older person is often more naturally skilled in offering this type of holistic approach.

  • Interest. Adult learners often want to know why they have to study different aspects of massage training, and are not just prepared to learn by rote. This curiosity results in an added depth to their knowledge.

  • Motivation. Going to school as an adult means that other people, such as family members, are involved and will be affected if the student runs up financial debt and then drops out of the massage school course. The drive to succeed in order to be able to support dependents is great.

  • Improvement. Students who achieve mediocre results at school level often excel when they study as adults. This is because they deliberately form new learning habits and ways of doing homework.

Massage therapy is a career that is often undertaken by adult learners who trained in another vocation when they left school. It’s an ideal second career, and anyone interested in attending massage school should contact us at (206) 932-5950 or Click Here to Apply Now!


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