What is Required to Become a Certified Aromatherapist?

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aromatherapy massage schoolCurrently, the field of aromatherapy is an unlicensed and unregistered one in the United States.  There is no expectation that this will change in the near future, but if you are considering aromatherapy as your occupational area of interest, you may wish to obtain accredited certification.  By being certified, you will be able to assure your clients and treatment recipients that you possess up-to-date knowledge on the field’s safety, health-related concerns, and standards of practice.

Receiving certification through the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA) also provides your clients the assurance that you have taken educational classes in aromatherapy and have completed the certification requirements of the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA).  This credential gives your treatment recipients the confidence of knowing that you are an educated and informed practitioner in the field of aromatherapy instead of a fly-by-night snake oil charlatan.

To obtain certification, you would need to find an educational institution or other facility that offers classes in aromatherapy.  You will want to make sure the school is approved by the NAHA so your certification will be officially recognized.  Many schools offer online or distance learning for their curriculum, but attending classes in-person is much more beneficial and rewarding.  Aromatherapy requires knowledge of scents and the ability to manipulate them, so having hands-on experience with your chosen field is infinitely more advantageous than trying to gain skill through online means.

After completing the required coursework, you will typically take a final exam to put your knowledge to the test.  Once you have passed this final exam, you may then register to take the aromatherapy certification test through the NAHA.  There are various levels of certification that have different educational requirements, so make sure your scholastic achievements are compatible with the certification level you are seeking.

Many aromatherapists also hold a license or certification in another field such as massage therapy, nursing, acupuncture, or holistic medicines, and supplement their primary occupation with the benefits of also being a certified aromatherapist.  Whether you want this rewarding field to be your primary occupation or a secondary one, the benefits of being certified are well worth the time and effort spent to obtain your credentials.

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