How to Make Good Grades in Massage School

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students-studyingFor many people the idea of going back to school can be extremely intimidating. School is a vastly different environment than the workforce and it takes a very different mindset. There are a variety of factors that can make the difference between a successful course of study and failure but the number one factor will always be choosing the career path that appeals the most to you. For many that answer lies with a degree or certificate in health and wellness, more specifically in massage therapy. Not only is it a booming career field but it is also a field that offers several options. So is going back to school right for you? Yes but that is just the beginning.

Deciding to go back to school is the easy part. You now have to select the school where you will eventually earn your degree or certificate. When selecting your massage school you will want to select a field of study that appeals the most to you and offers you the most options. You will also want to consider cost and financial aid. The schools should have financial aid counselors to help you but more than that they should also offer counselors to help you understand what the coursework will be so you can plan ahead. After all…you do not want to waste time and money only to fail the courses because you did not apply yourself and you received poor grades. Getting good grades is the key to success. 

The process of getting good grades is basically the same regardless of the course of study. The fundamentals are always going to be: listening skills, note taking, memorization, practice and test taking. Each of these are vital in massage school if you want to make good grades. Good grades mean you will excel and learn valuable skills. Learning valuable skills leads to better paying jobs which leads to a better lifestyle for you and your family. Let’s get started on your fundamentals.

Active listening skills are probably one of the most understated and under utilized skills anyone can ever possess. It is easy to say that you can listen to someone but are you actively listening or are you simply waiting for a chance to respond or, in the case of listening to a lecture, are you waiting for the lecturer to be finished speaking so the class will be over? Active listening involves opening your ears and your mind. It is leaning in and engaging with the speaker and really hearing what he, or she, has to tell you about the subject. When you actively listen then you are naturally going to start taking good notes because you are paying attention. The most effective students start out taking too much notes and learn to whittle them down after they have taken a few tests. This way they know how much they retain from listening alone.

Massage school is more than just listening, note taking, and tests though. It also will involve hands on practice and education. That is where your family and friends come in to play. Get a study group together and recruit volunteers so you can practice the skills you have been taught in your classes. The more you practice the better you will become. Learning how to study and retain information may take time but you can master these skills, and in the course of mastering these habits you will begin getting great grades. Before you know it you will have completed massage school with flying colors and will be a practicing massage therapist.

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