Massage School Points to Self Discovery

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self-discoveryThe idea of going back to school as a mature adult can be a bit daunting; you have responsibilities that still need to be fulfilled and a life that still needs to be lived.

But one of the nice things about going when you’re older is you know how to work for what you want. Failure isn’t an option, and since you’re not worrying about your ability to be successful, you can simply enjoy the experience, with confidence.

With an education choice like massage school, not only will you be going down a new career path, you will be embarking on journey of self-discovery.

Every massage school curriculum includes basic, core courses, and while you learn, you are also really learning about yourself.

Anatomy is the study of the human body. You will learn not only about muscles, but every single part that makes you up.

Kinesiology is the study of human movement. It is understanding how muscles and tendons and joints need to work in harmony to benefit the body.

Physiology is the study of how the body parts function and how they work in conjunction with one another.

Pathology, the study of disease, is also important. This knowledge will aid the massage therapist in deciding a course of treatment as well as knowing when it is time for other health care practitioners to assume a role in the patient’s overall care.

Nutrition, and the study of nutrients and how the body uses those nutrients, is an extremely useful and important course. So much of the things called food today really aren’t. The soil is depleted; fruits and vegetables are grown with pesticides and herbicides, and allergies and intolerances are common. Massage therapists are not nutritionists, but a basic understanding of the role nutrition plays in the body is key, for both clients and yourself.

Massage Techniques, of course, is formal instruction on exactly how to use your body effectively to help someone else’s body. It is using your fingers and hands, or even feet or elbows, to provide a therapeutic experience. You’ll also learn how to prevent injury to yourself while practicing massage.

Additionally, you’ll learn things like the history of massage, the ethical practices expected of the profession, and the basic business skills needed to be an independent massage therapist.

Good massage schools will place a high emphasis on taking proper care of yourself. Many healthcare-related professionals have a high level of burnout, but then so does any profession if you aren’t practicing mindful self-care. Take advantage of additional learning experiences that may be offered to you. Many schools provide basic introductions to other alternative therapies, like yoga, foot reflexology, or acupressure.

Learning from other students also aids in self-development. Everyone in life has something to offer. Oftentimes, like-minded individuals enjoy similar lifestyles and hobbies, like gardening or hiking, and enjoy sharing their knowledge and passions.

Choosing to start over and head down a new career path doesn’t have to be filled with anxiety. Like anything in life, viewing it as an adventure and as an investment in you will offer the best chance of success.