Student Perspective Of Massage School – Week 2

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Weekend Student Jo –

Her perspective and thoughts as she progresses through massage school at Northwest Academy.

ChickenHere Chicken Chicken Chicken…..

Learning about the tissues of the human body from a text book can get a little dry. That’s why our fabulous teacher added a little spice to our lesson today…or rather, added some chicken.

Our teacher walked into the room, asked us gather around the table, and pulled out a plate with a piece of raw chicken on it.

To give us a more vivid idea of the consistency of muscle, fascia, tendons, ligaments and bone, she walked us through the chicken-equivalent of all these tissues. It was very educational, and hysterical. If nothing else, watching her try to dissect a little piece of raw chicken with a butter knife definitely made that lesson stick. The butter knife was all she could find…

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