Top Ten Reasons People Go Back to School

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bigstock-Confident-Male-Student-Holding-72293533There are a hundred and one reasons people choose to go back to school. Some of the reasons gravitate around the harsh economic conditions; others are inclined towards creating a competitive edge over rivals. Other people are motivated
by the desire to be better and more skilled. Below are ten reasons potential massage students and health practitioners are likely to seek more education:

#1. Increase Qualification: since most jobs require prerequisite expertise and specialized skills, practical training and acquiring more knowledge is essential. Some of these qualifications come with a college degree that gives you a better position of securing a job or promotion.

#2. Passion for learning:
you may go back to school out of love for learning. Since some educational disciplines are vast and inexhaustible such as medicine and education, you may decide to expand your knowledge in a certain field in the course. When you learn new things, you get to sharpen and improve your skills.

#3. Enriching life: by deciding to go back to school, you can obtain a new hobby or perfect a skill. When you learn new things that make you happy, you feel satisfied and fulfilled. You can have fun in studying what you love and enrich your purpose in life.

#4. Chasing dreams: if your dream is to learn new things, you won’t feel offended to pursue further studies. It is by getting a quality education, which you can become a successful professional. Dreams in curing people with chronic illnesses or improve their fitness may require you to seek more knowledge.

#5. Career change: lucky individuals may decide to change their career path as time progresses, this may be due to personal or professional reasons. By going back to school, you can change your career direction geography-wise, industry-wise or satisfaction-wise by shifting the experience and skills you have already amerced with new knowledge.

#6. Adventure:
one more good reason you may want to go back to school is that you can explore the globe. You may ask how? This can be by securing admission into an institution of higher education in a different country or continent. While studying, you will get to learn about world cultures, politics and religion. 

#7. Promotion: it is true that getting a promotion can be a hard task. If you would like to move up on your career ladder, going back to school will create a springboard for your professional fulfillment. When you are promoted, you should be prepared to handle more responsibilities.

#8. Return to work: after you’ve been out of work for too long because of either family commitments, health issues or taking care of children, you may feel inadequate to handle the same duties. When you are ready to return to your professional life, you may need to get some additional trainingt to keep yourself up to date.

#9. Complete education: you may have dropped out of school because of financial reasons or to take care of an ailing family member. This may not mean that your opportunity has been lost, you can catch up with your studies, after all, education knows no age limit.

#10. Be a role model: going back to school is one of the ways you can set a good example for aspiring young people, friends and family. By pursuing more studies is an indicator that you are motivated to become successful.


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