Personal Growth in Massage Therapy School

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massage therapy school seattleMassage is a tool for relaxation of the mind as well as the body. It can increase blood circulation and inspire healing. More importantly, the experience of providing massage to others can ignite personal growth and a spiritual awakening. When we lay our hands on another person we give energy to that person- energy that we have in our own bodies. Developing personal growth in massage school not only helps students develop techniques but it also teaches the deeper meaning of massage.


Something a student learns while in school is how to sense where the tension is in another person’s body. This can also include tension or conflict internally. For some people this can be a difficult gift to master, and it takes time and personal reflection to fully become in-tune with the energy that a massage therapist and their client has. Though at first it may be confusing to sense this energy, massage school is designed to guide their students on a path of personal growth to help them become more aware of their feelings and energy.


Despite the style of massage being taught, successful massage therapists use much more than their hands when working with a client. The best therapists will use their energy, their intuition and feelings of compassion towards others, all of which are necessary items to work on during training, as part of personal growth in massage school .

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