8 Steps to Building A Successful Practice After Massage School

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successful massage practiceCongratulations!  You are now a massage therapist, trained to practice this wonderful healing art!  And of course, you know there’s way more to success than your talent, energy, and skill.

You are going to require some structure and function for a successful practice.  Your practice will have anatomy and physiology of its own, just like you!

Here are 8 steps to building a successful practice after massage school:

1.  Decide what kind of career you desire.
There are several options.  The clinical/medical setting?  Spa?  Yoga/Pilates studio?  Salon?  Private practice?  Partnership?  Usually, some combination of these.  Have an ultimate “dream practice” picture in your head, so no matter what, you are guided by a vision.

2.  Get support.
Massage therapists tend to become isolated.  Keep your colleagues close, give each other massage and feedback, compare notes on employment, career, clients, techniques.

3.  Keep very good financial records.
If this is not your area of interest of expertise, get outside help.  Use a bookkeeper or accountant.  It’s worth it.

4.  Make sure your license, registration and insurance are all up to date.
Stay legal, above board, documented, and fully able to work in any situation at all times.  Check your state regulations.

5.  Keep good client notes.
Some states require you keep records of treatment for 7 years.

6.  Preserve your own health.
You can’t do good work if you are depleted.  Tend to your physical, mental, and emotional state.

7.  Refer some clients to other practitioners.
Not everyone who shows up can be your client as they may need more advanced health care.

8.  Consider bringing another source of income into your practice.
Enhance your practice by including a small retail section in your office or renting out unused treatment rooms to other practitioners.

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