Massage Therapy for the Elderly (Geriatric Massage)

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geriatric massageMany individuals are aware of the different health benefits associated with massage therapy. However, there are entirely different benefits for senior citizens who decide to get massages as seniors typically have their own unique health concerns. Geriatric massage techniques are also different than general massage therapy techniques. Geriatric massage doesn’t need to be as aggressive as massage techniques like deep tissue and there are certain movements and techniques that are best for the specific needs of seniors.

One of the many things that massage therapists can do for seniors is to help them relieve the stiffness and pain that they often experience from performing everyday activities and exercises. By visiting a massage therapist who has experience with geriatric techniques, seniors can get the specific type of pain relief their muscles need without irritating their muscles. With geriatric massage techniques like light rubbing, stretching and tapping, the muscles can become more mobilized. These techniques can help seniors who feel sore from either being to sedentary or trying to do too much, get natural pain relief that they need.

Geriatric massage techniques like light kneading and skin rolling can also help with certain medical issues particularly those that seniors experience that cause joint pain, like arthritis. These geriatric massage therapy techniques can also help reduce the inflammation that many seniors have in their joints. In fact there are many seniors who have joint pain and stiffness that prevents them from doing daily activities who find that with geriatric massage they are able to regain their full range of motion. This can greatly improve any senior’s overall quality of life. These techniques have also been shown to alleviate pain in seniors who have the painful condition known as Fibromyalgia. 

Additionally, seniors who get light geriatric massage will find that they have increase circulation. There are many seniors who find that reduced circulation in the body is an issue. Many seniors experience pain with blood flow and circulation issues in their lower limbs and feet especially when their age prevents them from being active. Massage therapy can increase the blood flow to the limbs and prevent issues like gangrene and sores in the lower extremities. Massage therapy can also increase lymph flow in the body which can help seniors better recover from energy and illness. This is why it is important for any senior to consider massage therapy and the benefits it can offer.

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