The Benefits of Receiving Regular Massage Therapy

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massage blog4 The importance of massage therapy is impossible to contest.  Not only do you derive physiological benefits from massage, you also see the emotional manifestations of being absolutely stress-free.  A regular regimen of 30 minutes two to three times a week can decrease anxiety, improve your circulation, and decrease blood pressure.
Western medicine has advanced abundantly in our lifetime, but the technique of massage has existed for centuries with unwavering success.  This time-honored tradition has proven reliable because it works.  Massage is curative and preventative, an exceptional craft in the age of chemically-induced healing.  Yet doctors also acknowledge the clinical benefit and importance of massage therapy.
Stress (along with its sister diagnoses depression, anger, and anxiety) causes lasting physical and emotional damage.  The effects of stress expand to every imaginable human aspect, from sleep deprivation to gastrointestinal trouble to memory impairment.  A life lived with minimum stress is a life longer lived.
Massage therapy is instrumental in inhibiting stress, thereby reducing symptoms associated with cardiovascular disease and respiratory disorders.  The deeply penetrating touch soothes injuries and invigorates your body, leaving you refreshed, relaxed, and ready for the demanding activities of everyday life.  Don’t treat massage therapy as an indulgent luxury; treat it as a rewarding imperative.

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