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Yoga and Massage Therapymassage and yoga – When yoga became a mainstream channel for exercise, people flocked to it. An ancient art now had new meaning to soccer moms everywhere. As it became more popular, we could see the health benefits of yoga far exceeded the exercise aspect.

When coping with a physical injury or illness, there are many health benefits of yoga. Those with back problems find that through a spine-strengthening yoga class, they may be able to eliminate pain altogether. Awareness of the health benefits of yoga has grown in recent years. Studies are now being conducted to determine the health benefits of yoga to cancer patients.

Breathing is a huge focus for all yoga methods and can help with emotional healing. The health benefits of yoga at this stage are simple for anyone practicing; breathing deeply and methodically is therapeutic for the mind and body. You begin to see decreased levels of stress and are able to focus throughout the day.
 Another health benefit of yoga is that a majority of those who practice are able to sleep better and have increased moods. Over time, the health benefits of yoga emerge through better eating habits and taking care of ourselves, our bodies experiencing less aches and pains and our immune system functioning better due to our yoga practice.

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