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describe the imageMassage Therapy and Reflexology – Promoting a healthy digestion can be possible with reflexology, an alternative to traditional medicine often used to treat a wide range of problems. It involves a trained reflexologist applying pressure primarily to your feet, hands, and ears, stimulating particular zones, or reflex areas that are instrumental in treating specific conditions and improving your overall disposition.
In most cases, one’s lifestyle or environment can create a blockage in your Qi, the life force through which the body heals itself. The application of pressure to specific zones can unblock your Qi and allow the body to heal itself. While reflexology makes no recommendation to avoid traditional medicine, those seeking to address a particular digestive condition and promote a healthy overall digestion can benefit from the technique. From chronic constipation to irritable bowel syndrome, many people fail to consider that the solution lies in a consultation with a trained reflexologist.
By promoting the natural healing powers of the human body, reflexologists help the patient leave with a sense of calm and improved well-being. This is the side-effect of an unblocked Qi and the body re-balancing itself. Everyone responds differently to the techniques and it is important to follow the recommendation of the reflexologist.
If you have problems with gallstones, acid reflux or heartburn, you may be a prime candidate for reflexology. However, it is not a quick fix. After the  sessions, the reflexologist often develops a treatment plan designed to keep all of your reflex zones working in harmony with one another.

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