Evaluating Your Prospective Massage School, What To Look For

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seattle massage therapy schoolsIf you’ve decided to pursue a career in Massage Therapy, your next question is education and training.  You now must find a Massage Therapy School that is going to satisfy you in your crucial areas, plus set you up for success. 
The first question to ask yourself is, “What do I want?”
This is a very important question.  As Stephen Covey says, “Begin with the end in mind.”
Where do you see your career in five years, for example?  What will you be doing, how will you be doing it, and with whom? 
Making a clear picture of your practice, and, importantly, how you are going to FEEL about your practice, are essential steps to creating a satisfying career.
The more clearly you can see and feel yourself in your ideal practice, the more likely you are to achieve it.  This is science! 
Having made that picture in your mind and anchoring that feeling in your heart, now work backwards from it.  What steps are required to get there.  How will your school provide them?
Massage Therapy is an intensely personal field.  Everything about it relates directly to the experience of being human.  There’s no getting around it.
There’s also no getting around the fact that you require the kind of training and education that will allow you to do your best work, and solid marketing skills are right up there.
Look for a Massage Therapy School that provides small class size, personalized attention, and business skills.  You can’t do your best work with no clients!

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