8 Exam Study Tips for Stressed Out Massage Therapy Students

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massage school study skillsThe idea of massage school sounded fun and easy. But, the reality of massage school is it is difficult and exhausting. So how do you keep from hitting burn out and maintain positive scores on your exams? Here are eight exam study tips to help when it comes to test time.

  1. Plenty of Rest – Massage work is very strenuous making it important to be rested for your mind and body to function properly.
  2. Proper Nutrition – Your brain and muscles need the proper fuel to work correctly, just as a car needs the proper kind of gas. You can’t put Diesel in an unleaded tank and expect it to run. Neither can you live on fast food and coffee and expect to excel.
  3. Get Massages – In the beginning of massage school there are lots of massage trades, but as you get closer to your internship and the classes become less hands on and more instruction, it is important to make sure you are getting enough work done on yourself.
  4. Study Partner – Having someone to quiz you and make you explain the material to is a wonderful way to lock in on the material while keeping your mind engaged.
  5. Study Guides – Using study aids such as, anatomy coloring books, charts, or whatever works best for you.
  6. Consistency – Having specific study hours helps your brain kick into study mode more quickly.
  7. Notes – Take good notes in class, and re-write them at home to review the material.
  8. Review – A comprehensive review of all the material covered will keep it fresh in your mind for the test.

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