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massage school marketingSome massage therapists are still of the view that websites are for the big corporations. A few years back, such an argument would have been true, but not anymore. A website is the heart of any massage school or business, irrespective of the size, or business dealings. Depending on the budget that you have for a website, you might choose either a small 3-4 page website, or a complex portal with all the cool stuff such as picture gallery, blog, online store, and forum, among other features.

Some of the reasons that make a website necessary for a massage school and massage therapists include:

Online Presence: Nowadays, it is necessary for any serious business to have an online presence. With the advancement of technology, most people turn to the internet first, when they are in need of a massage therapy, or yoga training.

Showcase Products/Services: A website enable the business to showcase the products and services that they offer. For instance, a massage school may use their website to highlight the courses on offer. On the other hand, a massage therapist may put photos on their website, displaying some of the facilities, techniques, and products that they use in their practice.

Online Booking: A website is an effective communication tool, since it provides a platform that clients can use to make online appointments.

Information: A website is a great tool that massage therapists can use to give information to their clients. For instance, important information concerning the existing and new services, as well as promotions, offers, and training events taking place in the massage school can be put on the website.

Extra Income: A savvy massage therapist can use their website to create additional income streams. This can be achieved through online marketing and advertising, or the sale of products.

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