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massage school studentsMassage school is a personalized experience.  You will get to know your instructors and they will get to know you.  Because graduating classes of private massage schools are small, you have the opportunity to build professional relationships with other students and mentor relationships with your instructors.  With personalized instruction, your program will help you meet your career goals and encourage you to prosper.  

The campus environment is professional but comfortable, creating a community of like-minded individuals who all work hard to succeed and help each other succeed. Individual diversity is celebrated and contributes to the overall success of the whole.  Each person brings a unique experience to the education process.

In large higher education programs you are just a number, another face in the crowd, but at a small personalized massage school you are part of the team.  Students participate in classes, workshops, and clinical labs, maintaining a high level of participation in the education process.  Staff and instructors take the time to get to know you and are available to help you accomplish your goals and feel confident in your knowledge.  The goal is not to have students compete with each other, but to learn together and be better massage therapists because of your personalized training experience and campus community support.  

Massage school is condensed into a full-time, fast paced program to keep you interested and engaged in the learning process.  With more time in class on a daily basis, you finish in a matter of several months rather than years, which means you can start your career sooner.  The relationships built in a small program lend to more meaningful reference letters and personalized career guidance, helping you make the right choices for your future.  

Without a doubt, the benefits of choosing a small personalized massage therapy school far outweigh any larger massage therapy program.  Success rates are phenomenal and graduating students feel empowered in their career choice.

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