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massage business networkingDeveloping a successful massage therapy practice takes several steps. You need the right license, training and great facilities. But above all, you need strong networking skills to build a loyal customer base. Without a strong networking strategy, the pieces of the puzzle won’t come together for your massage business. 

Why Networking?
Networking matters to all businesses but matters even more for a business like a massage therapy practice. Massage requires trust between the massage therapist and the client. Rarely does a client blindly choose a massage business to patronize. You build trust with clients over time and by leveraging existing relationships to get new clients. You will build your client base by networking with the people who trust the client who trusts you. 

Networking Strategies
Networking begins by having a strong business ethic. If you can’t deliver on the promise you make while networking, it doesn’t matter how large your network becomes. 

Secondly, your networking strategy should take two forms: traditional face to face networking and social networking. Social networking includes using sites like Facebook and LinkedIn, creating a blog and email campaigns. In these arenas, you want to provide excellent content your contacts will like and share with others. This spreads your message organically and builds trust. 

Face to face networking could involve visiting businesses near your massage therapy practice or meeting with people who have influence like yoga instructors, chiropractors and others in the fitness industry. These people can direct their clients to your practice. Once again, the trust clients have built with their yoga instructor, for example, extends to you through this networking opportunity.

A successful massage therapy practice relies on many factors from the right decor to the right lotions. But even the best massage tables, pillows and linens won’t help without first developing a strong client list. Networking will build your client base and lead you down the path to success.

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