Is Massage Therapy a Good Career Choice For Me?

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Massage tmassage therapyherapy is a fast-growing career field with unlimited future opportunities for the right person. Massage therapists are typically outgoing, personable individuals who love interacting with other people and improving their lives. Many therapists will describe themselves as very good at listening to others’ stories and problems, and are able to build lasting relationships with clients by encouraging them and offering advice on occasion. A good candidate for this career field will also have a fascination with the human body, as the work is extremely hands on, working with the muscles and soft tissues of clients to help improve their physical and mental health. In addition, there are more than 250 different variations of massage therapy that can be used on a wide variety of ailments. Massage therapy is an interesting, fun career field and, in many cases, allows the therapist to work as his or her own boss, and set working hours based around a flexible schedule. However, because massage therapy is a highly specialized field, therapists must be licensed to practice

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