Arthritis; Relieving Pain with Massage Therapy

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massage therapyAny individual who is living with arthritis knows about pain. Studies have shown that massage therapy is a great avenue to turn to for relief of arthritic pain. The massage works to relieve sore and aching joints and is very therapeutic particularly for the knees and hands.

Massage therapy for arthritis not only relieves pain but also provides a great deal of relief from stress. The massage motions help to improve blood circulation and loosening of stiff joints and muscles. In patients who have osteoarthritis in their knees, massage therapy can improve the range of motion and overall improvement of function in the knee.

The benefits of massage for arthritic pain make it worth seeking massage therapy. Spasms associated with arthritis are reduced, synovial fluid is stimulated as a result of massage, which offers arthritic joints additional cushioning and less pain and the production of endorphins is increased. Joints are also loosened, which helps the individual to feel better as a whole.

Specific types of massage therapy that can help relieve the pain associated with arthritis include Swedish, deep tissue, reflexology, Shiatsu and myofascial. Patients are required to discuss their particular health status with the therapist, which can better enable the therapist to provide the right type of massage techniques that will help to ease their arthritis symptoms. During a massage session, the individual can expect the therapist to work on one body part at a time, with concentration on the tighter areas. The massage therapist may even recommend the individual perform self-massage at home and offer a few tips on how to do so.

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