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massage school specialtiesSo you’ve made the decision to attend a massage school and pursue an affiliated career.  The next choice you need to make is a specialty to pursue within the massage therapy world.  The specific modalities available are too numerous to count but most fall into a few categories.

Medical massage and injury rehabilitation

Those with interests and/or backgrounds in sports and anatomy may find this area of specialty best suits them.  Within this area of practice you’ll find yourself treating individuals with wide array of chronic pain or injuries and can expect to use techniques such as cross fiber friction, myofascial release, and trigger-point therapy.  Sports teams and chiropractors often seek these services

Spa massage and relaxation therapy
Swedish therapeutic massage is the technique most often associated with spa or relaxation therapy, though you may include hydrating wraps and aromatherapy oils.  You’ll be working with individuals from all facets of life to enhance quality of health and manage a variety of conditions.  Spas generally cater to a largely female clientele so prenatal and postpartum treatments are useful as well.

Eastern massage
The focus of Eastern massage is to balance bodily energy to enhance natural healing abilities.  In addition to relaxation and pain relief Eastern massage practices also focus on range of motion, calming the mind, and immune system improvement.  Thai massage, reflexology, shiatsu, reiki, and chakra balancing are a few of the modalities included.  Those with interests in energy work and Chinese medicine will find a good fit in these areas.

When choosing a massage therapy specialty to pursue you should consider your own interests, background, and goals in order to make your career as successful and enjoyable as possible.  Consulting massage school instructors will aid you in balancing specialties with the diversity needed to offer a full complement of services to your clientele. 

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